Dirty River - acoustic rock

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Ailie Fastest cowgirl in Norwood, She sings the words, and gave it all on Cigarettes, Gin & Dead Dogs....
Peter Enigmatic and inscrutable. Phenomenal guitarist. That's all we know.
Steve The dude on the dials, buttons, knobs and a whole shed-on-the-roof full of patience. He's probably got a microphone that's worth more than the car you're driving - and a beard that'll scare your kids
Angela When she has done her homework Angela sometimes comes out to play, when she is back from HK - she likes to sing and fiddle.
Martin The bands original drummer - Martin likes to hit things, sometimes very hard, sometimes not so hard, sometimes in time. He's also very good with a brush, and a roller. Still joins in when he's back from Guinnessland.
The Mojo The Mojo is a smelly, bad tempered old dog - but we love her. Has a tendency for taking on animals bigger than she is - such as Dobermanns, Rottweillers, Cows and Horses with Policemen or handicapped kids on the back.
Darren Darren has one eye and sees in 2D only and with his one ear he hears in mono, he also plays the piano one fingered and will never quite make it onto a Peppercornrent recording. An old friend without whom the website would not be quite so slick.
Andy Andy played fiddle for us from the start. We're all convinced he is a contract killer, but he emphatically denies it, in Slovenian !
Jerry To our knowledge the only banjo-wielding taxi driver in the East-end. Our original Banjo & mouthie player.
Michael Michael the banjo player joined us for while back in 2006.
Fiona The Dita von Tesse of Hackney, she covers a bit of singing, the tutu and the hula hoop with finesse.
Lucy While she was with the band for the back end of 2006 Lucy was the baby of the band. Don't let that fool you. Her voice is so powerful she can perforate eardrums @ ten paces..